I’ve been using this
COCO CON PINA LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER for a couple of weeks and I’ve seen a HUGE difference in my hair, more shine, hydrated, it just feels so healthy.

This leave-in conditioner is
Made with pure coconut milk and cacao extract. It is lightweight and moisturizes your hair adding softness and shine.

Helps alleviate: Dryness, Brittle Curls, over porous hair

This is the perfect lightweight leave-in conditioner. It will become your best friend, if you wear your hair curly and allow to air dry. Although it is lightweight it packs a punch. Made with pure coconut milk, and cacao extract. It will quench the thirst of everyone of your curls, adding softness and shine… It will leave your curls hydrated and touchably soft.

Helps alleviate:


Brittle curls

Over porous hair

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