I’ve been using Tea Tree Lemongrass Vanilla Natural Deodorant for a couple of weeks and I absolutely love it!

If you are looking for aluminum-free, 100% natural deodorant, made of organic ingredients, that comes in 100% plastic-free package… and that actually works, Nicely is for you!
* NATURAL DEODORANT THAT ACTUALLY WORKS: 24-hour protection with seven active ingredients to absorb moisture and neutralize odor-causing bacteria, including two forms of magnesium. Safe, gentle, and effective.

* ALUMINUM FREE: Instead of blocking your pores with aluminum, Nicely works with your body’s natural processes to control moisture and eliminate odor.

* CLEAN AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: No parabens, phthalates, or chemical fragrances, only pure minerals, organic ingredients, and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Nicely’s balanced vegan formula is not likely to cause irritation.

* FOR MEN AND WOMEN: Fresh, clean, all-natural scents that work for everybody. Also available unscented.

* PLASTIC-FREE PACKAGING: Conventional plastic deodorant packaging is non-recyclable and ends up in the landfills and into the oceans. In 2019, the ten leading U.S. brands alone generated over 13 million metric tones of plastic waste. To visualize, this equals three full NYC dumpster trucks every two minutes for a full year. We need to change that. Thank you for joining us in our mission to stop plastic pollution.

* PLANT A TREE with every deodorant you buy — to help our planet trive, minimize deforestation, and preserve biodiversity, we will plant one tree for each product we sell.

* NON-STAINING — Nicely’s formula does not contain aluminum and will not leave yellow stains on your clothes.
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