Who else loves to double cleanse and implement a cleansing oil on their first step and follow up with a foaming cleanser after?! 🙆🏻‍♀️

Here we have the Cleanse + Rejuvenate Face Duo by @nicholeavonie

The Blue Chamomile Cleansing Elixir oil is great at removing face makeup. The formulation is a bit dense, but once you apply water it emulsifies and melts away makeup and sunscreen pretty well. I personally wasn’t a fan of removing my waterproof mascara with this oil as it feels a bit heavy on my eyes, so I just use my go-to waterproof eye makeup remover, and then go in with this cleansing oil for the face and then finalize my cleansing routine with a second cleanser. It makes the skin feeling soft and nourished afterwards.

Next, we have the Rejuvenating Face Elixir, which is packed with 100% natural oils and antioxidants. It takes a bit of time to blend but it leaves the skin soft, smooth, and hydrated without looking or feeling greasy. It is a great oil to apply overnight and wake up looking fresh with a beautiful glow.

I will soon be sharing about their Exfoliate + Glow Body Duo, which feels AMAZING💛Stay tuned💛

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