If you grew up a Dominican Jew with an #ED history like me 😂 then you know the phases of this hair story. My hair went from wavy to curly to confused. Then in my early 20s, this mane started not to give a shit and just hung out how I needed it to, based on the occasion. This also happened to be the time my eating disorder decided to come back for round✌️and amongst all the terrible things that happen to your body as a result of restrictive eating, my hair fell out.

The last few years, my hair’s had a journey. She is thicker, longer and healthier and just as confused. I’m not good at grooming or being a “tradish” girl…makeup and hair and skincare give me indigestion.

So shout out to Vicky & the team for inviting me to @samplesizesocial to celebrate my weekly wash.

🧴 @naturesustained
💆‍♀️Vicky @thomastaftsalon

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