This weeks wash and go routine using @earths_nectar

Natural Hair Care line went like…. I used their Coconut Curls leave in conditioner & Honey Curls Gel to style my hair.
I love to section my hair before applying product because it allows me to evenly rake the product through my wet hair & then brush through using my Denman Brush for added definition. What is your preferred way of styling?
The Coconut Curls leave in conditioner is infused with coconut oil, almond oil & palm oil. It really added the moisture that I needed into my hair & My curls just soaked this stuff up! I then followed through with the Honey Curls Gel which left me with a soft manageable hold.
The Honey Curls gel is infused with Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil & Almond Oil.

& lastly I diffused my hair on cool for extra volume!

These products are:
🌎Sulfate Free
🌎Silicone Free
🌎Paraben Free
🌎Mineral Oil Free
🌎Cruelty Free

Thank you @samplesizesocial for gifting me these full size samples to try.

Song: Sleigh Ride by TLC

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