The @revitolskin eyecream ✨ I’ve been trying this thick eye cream every night for over a week, and this is my conclusion: it’s a visibly hydrating formula that I think is perfect for those young people starting off with skin care, so ages 17-25, because the ingredients are light enough and young skin doesn’t need anything heavy yet, like retinol. After carefully reading the ingredients, some of which are aloe vera gel, sunflower oil, and vitamin E, and after trying this out for over a week, I think the number one function of the eye cream is to maintain that delicate skin area hydrated and supple on younger skin and prevent premature aging. I give it a 👍🏽

Thanks to @samplesizesocial for providing me with it!

*Btw, the video has no filters and I use no foundation, that’s right, No Foundation, only a bit of lightly tinctured powder and some concealer under my eyes and on my chin for redness, and yetttt, look at my skin glow. What I’m saying is, I think I know a thing or two about proper skin care so you can trust me on it 😉👍🏽


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