Enjoying my @shalantcandles, thanks to @samplesizesocial! *Review below 👇🏽* These are hand-made gel candles, so no wax or soy (soy is a hormone disruptor), and they are made in the USA by a small business. The decorative candles make a perfect holiday gift! Spread some cheer and support a small business this holiday season!

As you all know, I don’t jeopardize my integrity, so my review is 100% honest and my own views:

After having this candle for over a week and asking friends about their opinion, this is my conclusion: the scent is great for lightly odorizing rooms. It leaves a subtle smell that is comfortable enough for people of all levels of smell tolerance. The one I received is a delightful, cheery apple and cinnamon scent that is perfect for the winter holidays! I even light it up at night before going to bed because the smell is light enough that it’s not over-stimulating. I absolutely love the scent, it’s super addictive, and I’m not worried about inhaling anything harmful into my body.


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