I spent some time this self-care Sunday treating my hair with @earths_nectar products! I’ve been trying this line out the last couple weeks and have been loving how healthy and happy my curls are. Best part? These hair products have all natural & clean ingredients so I can feel good about what I put in my hair. Earths Nectar is a women-owned business that I’m so excited to partner with alongside @samplesizesocial! I mean look at how happy my curls are with just two styling products 😍. Swipe to see how I use these after I shampoo and condition as well as my before pic 😬. My hair desperately needed some TLC after this week, and the Coconut and Honey Curls did the just trick.

You can get these products and much more on their page, or if you’re in NYC go grab them at @samplesizesocial 🤍

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