What I’ve been using after my workouts or anytime of the day! RAD soap and Chaga Roll On is the perfect combination for spring! There soaps, roll on, lotions and other products have a nirvana scent. People who have sensitive skin can totally use this! I love getting out of the shower after using the soap and putting on the roll on for that extra nice smell on my body! You can pick up this product at @samplesizesocial or on there website page @radsoapco

Chaga Bar Soap 3oz
An earthy citrus blend crafted with the finest all-natural ingredients for a moisturizing and smooth-lathering bar of soap to gently cleanse the skin.
This Rad body bar is scented with an earthy citrus blend. This bar contains Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom extractions. Known as the strongest antioxidant in the world, it’s anti-aging properties and high levels of melanin, this mega mushroom makes this Chaga bar ideal for all ages and skin types. Its anti-aging properties and high levels of melanin make this soap ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Chaga Roll-On: A citrusy natural fragrance oil blend with the Chaga Mushroom extraction packed with antioxidants

RAD Soap Lift: keeps your favorite bar soap high and dry, lifting it out of standing water so it dries faster and lasts longer! Made from bioplastic, recyclable and 100% made in the USA!

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