Did you know ! That black castor oil isn’t curl friendly 😧?!?
Instead of penetrating the hair it only coats it and weighs it down.
It’s imperative to use lightweight oils like argan oil and jojoba oil to nourish your curls

Here’s some history for you , castor oil was used as an home alternative of the morning after pill 🤯. That’ so scary !

I met the most amazing curl friends at @samplesizesocial @thomastaftsalon !

Thank you for everything truly🤎
With having naturally curly hair , I’ve developed a phobia of letting people touch my hair at the salons .

From my time there I learned how to properly care for my curls and a new found love for @davroe products .
Discovered my new favorite brand of canned mimosa’s @mayne_co !
Super yummy ✨

Products used :
– Luxe Leave – In Masque
– Curl Creme Definer
– Tame Detangler
– Argan Oil Instant Treatment


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