🌿 for someone who adores clean hair care, this brand has swept me off my feet!
Lately I’ve been using their nourish detangling spray for my curls right after the shower & on days I have to do my hair quick & it has been a LIFE SAVER to my curls. 👩🏽‍🦱 (seriously I’ve been using it so much, you can see it’s half empty in the photo I took🤣)
I’ve also been using their botanical skin & hair tea to soften, add shine, and condition my hair and scalp.
Check out @earths_nectar for all their clean beauty products! You can also check them out in NYC @samplesizesocial 🌿 btw, their products are perfect for ALL hair types!

What is your hair routine like? Do you guys try to stay on top of clean hair or stick to whatever you can find at your local store? 🤍 #ad

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