I am a big fan of conscious skincare. Spring may be around the corner but I’m bringing you a fresh new beauty recommendation (WITH a discount code) that has become my go-to this winter!

While I don’t get paler during the winter, I certainly lose my skin glow.
I never really bothered having a very product heavy make up routine because I like to keep things simple. I REALLY don’t like spending more than five minutes in front of the mirror.

And then I discovered this incredible Body Gloss by @bia_skincare – just one simple product that I either add on to my make up, or use on its own when I’m fresh faced and looking for a little glow.

Its luxurious and fast-absorbing formula has made all the difference to my skincare and beauty routine this winter. What makes it even more appealing to me is that, like all BIA products, this is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

@bia_skincare is offering all my followers a special 15% discount off checkout. Simply use the code SAMPLESOCIAL and start enjoying products that are conscious, rewarding and sustainable!

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