Nounos Greek Yogurt

Happy Sunday friends!

I just came across this amazing brand of Greek yogurt called @nounoscreamery . It’s sooo good!!!! My kids love it and it’s like the perfect special treat to take an afternoon break with.

This company is all about family and that’s why they are using a family recipe that comes from their home village in Greece. You can taste the richness and quality with one bite. You know I’m all about the details and I have to say my favorite are the adorable little French yogurt jars it comes in. Just think all the possibilities of re-using them.

They came up with one perfect solution for you with their burlap garden bag. Plant your own miniature herb garden with these adorable packs and get the family involved!

Check out @nounoscreamery and their website to find local stores that carry these and pick up your garden in bag on their website.

You will have to tag me when you try your first Nounos yogurt. #ad

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