Hair this good deserves slowmo!✨

I mean truly do i need to put anymore words to this video?? 🤣 I’ve been using the Blonde Senses line from @Davroe and while, yes its totally taking care of my color (thank you!) my surprise favorite has actually been the leave in end repair! 👀

My ends have been a bit drier ever since I moved to my new apartment because the water here has more chlorine in it, and I’ve been searching for a solution because it’s really a NOTICEABLE difference from my norm…

Well I wasn’t expecting to find the solution when I picked up the Blonde Senses kit from @samplesizesocial! I was expecting glowing gold and got SO MUCH MORE!🤩

The Blonde Senses travel kit comes with the Blonde Senses Toning Shampoo, Blonde Senses Toning Conditioner, Replenish (helps to repair damaged hair), and Ends Repair! Those last two have been my savior! ALSO they come in the cutest travel case, so that’s always a plus!

Wether you need hydration, anti-frizz, repair, volume, or blonde support Davroe’s got you covered! I’m a big fan! #ad

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