Anyone else dance into their skin care at night? No, just me? 😆

Finally, favorite new product number 3!

Y’all know how much I LOVE my skin care! Well I’m always trying new products and i’ve been using this one for only a few weeks and already LOVE IT!

I’ve mentioned this brand to you before and I still and use their eye cream every day! Now I’m hooked on their night cream! @revitolskin Anti Aging Moisturizing Cream! It’s so thick and creamy and feels like it just melts into the skin! I love using a heavier cream during the winter to keep my skin hydrated and this is my new go to! ❄️

Let’s go into 2021 with only the BEST skin cuz we deserve it! ✨

Thank you @samplesizesocial for yet another amazing find!

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