Wake up your eyes in the morning, caffeinate BEFORE your first cup of coffee 😉

Wake up your tired eyes in the morning by working in the Lumen Caffeinated Peptide Eye Complex from @creationskin ☕️👀

Y’all know I love a good skin care routine, but my mourning skincare has kinda been lacking. ENTER LUMEN! This stuff is formulated with omega- rich cranberry and rosehip seed oil and infused with botanical extracts of green coffee, baobab, and aloe vera to visibly firm and soothe tired early morning eyes 🥱

The best part is that it’s hormone-friendly and great for all skin types, no need to worry if your dry skinned or oily. EVERYONE’S eyes can enjoy a good de-puffing in the morning 🤣

So wakeup and caffeinate your eyes as you enjoy that first cup of glorious coffee in the morning 😉 How do you take your coffee alongside your Lumen?

Thank you @samplesizesocial for the recommendation 💕

#Lumen #Caffeinate #Peptide #HormoneFriendly #Illuminate #AllSkinTypes

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