Here is a happy Jessica celebrating her #naturalhair in an appreciation post – Courtesy of @samplesizesocial for gifting me @earths_nectar products to try!

My curls say thank you oh so much for keeping me happy, healthy, and hydrated with this clean, natural hair care brand that lives up to every expectation through it’s name and smells like absolute heaven on earth.

Use Code SampleSize for 25% off discount on Earth’s Necstar’s HONEY CURL’s!!!

Products Used : 🍯🌱🌍
Honey Curl’s for definition with soft hold with Aloe Vera to lock in moisture, almond oil to promote shine.

Nourish for leave in conditioning detangle enriched with hydrolyzed protein and vitamin bs5 for vibrancy, shine and bounce

How have you prioritized your #selfcare routine recently?

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